Money Matters

2021 Q1 all done! It’s been an incredible past three months and an even more remarkable year. I started trading heavily about a year ago once the lockdown happened and it was also when I realized I wanted to trade full-time and leave my Silicon Valley job, to my wife’s chagrin. But, because of the work-from-home mandate, I started investing in companies that benefited from the lockdown like Zoom ($ZM), Slack ($WORK), Atlassian ($TEAM), Salesforce ($CRM), Facebook ($FB), Netflix ($NFLX), Amazon ($AMZN) and so on. Come around summer and I started trading Tesla ($TSLA) and the other FAANG stocks.

2021 Q1 Week 1 P&L and Holdings
2021 Q1 Final P&L and Holdings

I started putting together thematic portfolios with the best-performing stocks in sectors I was studying which was primarily in tech. I put together my own tech theme for Big Data that included $MSFT $AAPL $GOOG $AMZN (I later realized the acronym was “MAGA” so I immediately got $NVDA to make it…”MANGA”!).

Riding the bounce from the lows in March, I was able to take profits and re-allocate it into electric vehicle laggards during the $TSLA run-up to its split event. Seeing other electric vehicles and battery names responding to the $TSLA movement, I put together a basket I called “Jetsons” with holdings that included $FCEL $PLUG $AYRO $FUV $WKHS $NKLA $NIO $LI and ETF $LIT. I was able to do this before the ride-up last November along with Covid plays like $MRNA $PFZ $JNJ $AZN and $LLY. With those profits, I legged into a number of other thematic baskets.

Crypto Portfolio Growth +140.72% YTD

The best performing basket was my “Star Trek” themed portfolio with $SPCE $DDD $MVIS $LMT $BA $HON which gave me the biggest move apart from blockchain trades like $RIOT $MARA $BTBT $FTFT $MSTR $SQ $PYPL and many other. It was working for me. I ended the year +1,200% in total from 2020Q1!!

2020 Active Trading Account Final P&L
Stock and Option Portfolio is +67.37% YTD

This first quarter, however, I started to see sector rotation activity and saw big drawdowns in February, taking away gains from a strong January start. March was defensive and I was only able to get half back from the highs of the last quarter. For Q2, I am still not sure whether to rotate into solid, boring value stocks to ride through the summer or to find innovators in the infrastructure and energy space where the stimulus money will be infused in the coming months.

I’ll post some of my thoughts here more often. I’ll be blogging my trading for my own purpose of keeping track and to be more transparent with what I’m actually doing. Stay with me!


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